Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We have had a beautiful snow!  I have really enjoyed sitting in front of the window looking at is come down.  It's just been beautiful.  I didn't really even mind shoveling it too much.  I love sitting in front of the fire and being all snuggily warm. 

Public school has been out the last 2 days.  We had a snow day with them yesterday but I made the kids do some work today.  We've got to really get on it if we are going to get it all in this year.  I don't think they really minded too much.  It's been WAY TOO cold today anyway.

Well, no one spoke up about the Bible Study I was considering so I've been kind of going through it alone.  It doesn't take too much time.  It is a 6 week study but doing it myself, I don't think it will take anywhere near that long. So, I'm already looking ahead.

You may find a theme with what I've been looking at lately... They have to do with being a military wife and dealing with deployments and their aftermath.  We've been struggling here sometimes.  Sometimes it's me and sometimes it's DH.  Nothing really big or anything but struggling all the same.  It's hard to reintegrate even after more than a year home.  DH still travels A LOT and so that probably makes it harder but we cope and we get through but I think sometimes hearing/reading others going through the same thing is helpful. DH may kill me for saying all this on here but this blog supposed to be a kind of therapy for me. So that being said...

Hope for the Home Front: Winning the Emotional and Spiritual Battles of a Military WifeHope for the Home Front Bible Study: Winning the Emotional and Spiritual Battles of a Military WifeI'm looking at a book called "Hope for the Home Front: Winning the Emotional and Spiritual Battles of a military Wife."  Or maybe  a Bible Study by the same name.  So, if anyone might be interested in doing this together let me know!   If not, no worries, I'll be doing it on my own either way.

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