Sunday, July 31, 2005


Okay, I know my last post was pretty long, sorry. And to make it worse this post is going to sound weird after what I said about people needing people but here it goes. And it'll probably be long too.

I've been thinking about homeschooling. I know, what about socialization? Well you can socialize other places besides school and I'm not sure that I always want my kids to socialize with some of the other students at their schools.

I worry a lot about my children's education. Like I said in my last post, what happened to teaching kids manners, handwriting and oh so much more. My DS last year went to school for 7 hours and then came to do at least another hour (usually more) of homework! Poor kid usually got to come home, do homework, eat, shower and maybe a few minutes of free time and I mean a few and then off to bed. I try to make him read for an hour each night too. He gets to pick his book just so long as he's reading but it's not always possible. When was there time to socialize?

My DD was in kindergarten last year and her class never had less than 20 kids in it with one teacher. I tried to go and help out but wasn't asked all that often really and now I see my DD suffering from it. My DS was reading at a third grade level by the time he finished Kindergarten and DD is just barely reading. There were several in her class that by the end of the year still couldn't write their names or even copy letters. I feel like these children held my child back. I don't blame them I blame overcrowded classes.

Anyway, I'm thinking about it. I think we'd enjoy it. And I think the kids would really benefit especially if I do like I said in my last post about trying to get out there and socialize more. First though I need to figure it all out and plan it. Then I need to wean us off TV!!! It's terrible the amount of time we spend watching it. And the stuff we watch!! Unreal and yet we just keep watching...

I read a lot of "inside this book" on yesterday of a lot of homeschooling books and they were very interesting. I've been thinking about this so long though and I never get the courage to do it. I've got DH on board now but there are others that are so against it. So, here I am still floundering. I have decided that with DH deploying this year that it might be too stressful on me to start homeschooling at the same time. So maybe next year or if something happens sometime this year to make me do it sooner I will. I'm reading and trying to prepare just in case.

We'll see.

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