Saturday, September 03, 2005


Do you ever just wish you were smarter? I do!!! I have a friend who just blows me away with her smarts. I'm not saying I'm stupid or anything like that. I just wish I was smarter.

We are preparing for DH to leave soon. Very sad. We've been taking a lot of video so the kids have lots to watch. Last time they watched this silly video of him that he did for work. You couldn't really even see him but they knew it was him and so they watched it over and over. We are trying to prepare better this time.

It's sad watching him pack. DD keeps yelling at him that she doesn't want him to go. DS just doesn't say anything. He's making him a LOGIN at so he can e-mail him. They (nick) have neat e-mails.

Me? I'm just sitting on here trying not to think about it too much. Talk to you later.

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