Friday, September 16, 2005

How about a cup of tea and a chat...

Good evening to all my friends in cyberspace. The kiddos have to the TV tonight watching the Danny Phantom movie so I'm sitting here wasting time. I'm feeling a little blue today. It's probably just me being tired but...

The homeschooling is going well. I think anyway. I'm already seeing DS take more responsibility for himself about some things. He helped clean the kitchen after supper without me asking. Pretty amazing.

Tomorrow we are going to work on the house, you know straightening it up and stuff. Then we may go for a walk. Maybe we'll play a game or do a puzzle. We'll see. I'm planning on sleeping late. I hope I can. I'm so tired.

Well, maybe I'll go take a nice bubble bath. Have a great weekend!


  1. I was scrolling through your bolg entries and saw your swing....... I LOVE it. It would be so nice to sit there with a cup of tea and knit. .......... Ok I'll keep dreaming. Cheers Jess

  2. I'm dreaming right along with you! Thanks for dropping by!