Thursday, September 22, 2005

A very bad morning....

I am having one. I guess it's finally hitting me. Course it could be DD's issue we had yesterday too. Who knows. I'm just having a bad day.

DS is busy doing school work. The homeschooling is going fine.

DH is doing well too. He's getting see some neat places and is e-mailing us all about them. I'm missing him. I don't have a lot time to do so and I think that is part of my bad day but I'm working on it. You wouldn't think having time to really miss someone would be so important but I guess if you don't then it builds up into a... you said it.... a bad day.

Oh well, it will get better. I may go spend some time this afternoon on the back porch (wish front porch swing) and just chill until time for DD's dance.

Have a great day!

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