Thursday, September 15, 2005

What a night!

Well, we had open house at DD's school tonight and then we had dance on top of that. The timing was all weird and so we had to rush supper completely. I felt like we were flying and not in a good way. I hate feeling rushed.

Then to make matters worse DS lost a special coin his dad gave him before he left and he is panicking. I may have to get someone to go and buy another one for us and I'll just suddenly find it. Poor thing. As if things weren't hard enough for him!

Now, here I sit on here when I could be just relaxing in my chair watching CSI but it just isn't calling to me tonight.

On the upside... I already have our homeschooling lessons for tomorrow planned to I don't have that to worry about!

Well, I guess I'll go veg for awhile before I head to bed. Maybe I'll start a new book.... Good night dear friends in cyberspace. Sweet dreams...

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