Friday, October 21, 2005

It's Friday!

Whew! It's a been a strange couple of days but now things are kind of back to normal. I've spent the day cleaning getting ready for my parents to come for a visit. All I really have left is my bedroom and bathroom but they don't go there much. I will still try to get my clothes hung up and straighten up the bathroom counter. But, I said I'll try. I'm tired right now.

The weather is cooling back off. I love it! I'm ready to pull out the winter clothes. I love that toasty feel of a sweater and a blanket. I'm a little concerned about all the talk about increasing heating bills but... We'll just bundle up!!

Well, I best go get busy! Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Your blog is coming along nicely-much artsier than mine!

  2. Thank you!! But I think people prefer to read yours. It's much more exciting. Thanks for stopping back by again!