Saturday, December 17, 2005

dang it!

Well, I typed this long post and my computer shut down! Dang it! I'm not going to try and write it all over again.

Basically, the play was good. Not exactly what I expected but it was good. DD laughed and laughed. DS enjoyed it too.

DD is sick. She has been vomiting all night and most of the morning too. Poor thing. She slept on the couch last night and she got sick on it. I'm afraid it's ruined. But at least she is okay. She was sick in her sleep and slept in it for a while. Poor thing. I feel so bad for her. I hope DS and I don't get it.

I can't imagine taking care of 2 kids and a dog while hugging the toilet so, say a prayer that DS and I don't get sick.


  1. Arrrgh! I'll be wishing you good thoughts. I would say more but I'm kind of superstitious when talking about sickness and holidays.