Saturday, December 03, 2005

My sweet DH

Okay I know ya'll probably don't want to hear all my sappy talk about my hubby but tough, it's my blog and I'll write what I want too! hehehe ;oP

He sent me a CD with a little "movie" on it he had made. It's really a slide show to music but it is awesome. At first it made me miss him so bad, I couldn't stop crying but now it makes me smile. He asked me if I was going to send it to anyone and I thought about it but right now it's something special just for me and my kids and no, I don't want to share. For now it's all I have of him.

Have I ever told you guys how very selfish I am when it comes to my husband and my time with him? Or even just him. I'm one of those wives who loves to spend every moment I can with my husband, well with my whole little family but especially with him. He's "the sunlight in my universe."

Yes, we do spend time apart even when he's home. He has poker nights and golf games and stuff but we love to just be together too. Okay, enough sappy stuff.

It's kind of dreary day here. I love those usually. I can just stay in the house and do nothing but today I have stuff to do so... yuck. I'd love to just stay in bed and dream of DH.

A very nice and wonderful woman from church has volunteered to come and get my kids for me so that I can go finish my Christmas shopping. Yea!! I had been worrying a little about that. It's very nice of her. Yes, Kate, she just came up to me on Wednesday and said "Hey, can I come get your kids and take them home with me so that you can go shopping this weekend?" It's awesome!!

Oh, well, I guess I better get busy. Have a great weekend, cyber friends!

P.S. DH looks MUCH better with hair but supposedly it's easier to deal with over there. Something about sand, no time, yada yada yada.... ;o)


  1. Hooray for the lady at your church. That's how you do it.

    I had to laugh when I got to the bottom because I was thinking, "Dude, your hair, where did it go?"

  2. hehehe!! I was thinking for the few that don't really know us ... well, I didn't want them to think that's how he looks all the time!!! DD told him to grow some hair!!

  3. And how can he not do what that precious baby girl asks?

  4. hehehe She does have him wrapped around her little finger!!! He'll have hair when comes home. Just wait and see!! Remember he had hair last time before he got home. He knows the women in his family (ds too) like him with hair!