Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm late today....

I've been BUSY!!!

I went to buy Easter stuff first thing morning and then when I got home I realized DD had left part of her lunch at home so I had to run it to her and I figured I'd just stay and eat with her. (DS went too.)

When we got home we worked on his Math. We had some things we needed to go over. Then while he took a test, I worked on the basement (I never did get to it the other day{blushing}). It is looking much better. I'm hoping we can start working on finishing it when DH gets home.

Then before I knew it, it was time go pick up DD from school!

So now I'm sitting here surfing the net and realized that I haven't posted my list for today so....

Here it is...

1. valid driver's license (long story don't ask)
2. a tidier (not perfect yet) basement
3. my great kids who often drive me insane but keep me laughing
4. My DH
5. Spring

I hope you all have everything good going for you too!

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