Saturday, April 08, 2006

I'm tired.

I really am. I didn't sleep well on Thursday night and then last night we had storms and so I slept with the TV on just in case we needed to head to the basement so, it kept me from a sound sleep. Plus is dreary outside today. Clouds usually make me tired. I'm feeling so lazy but I have lots to do!

I want to get down in our basement and get it cleaned up. The kids play down there and it is a disaster area. It's a little my fault too. I've been trying to move things into some space saver bags and it's not going well. The bags keep opening up and they aren't going flat and they are taking up more room than before and are WAY messier than before. So.... I've got to try to fix all that.

I also have an Usborne Books Show this afternoon. If anyone is interested in ordering books, I have an e-show open that you can order through or you can just order. It will come straight to your home. Yes, that's a shameless plug but I so love the books and want to share them with everyone.

Anyway, I guess I need to do my list for today. Here it is... what I have going for me....

1. My family's safety
2. My basement
3. Books, I love books
4. my computer and the internet, my lifeline to my dear hubby
5. spell check (sometimes I'm a terrible speller! It helps keep me from looking too dumb on here.) hehe
6. Humor

Have a fantabulous day. Maybe this evening it will clear up and we can sit out under the stars in my virtual front porch swing and chat. I'll be looking forward to it!


  1. Sending you cleaning thoughts and prayers today.

    We are dadless on a Saturday and I just can't seem to get anything done. The yard is done only because I gave Honey a yard service for Christmas. Laundry, dishes and toys are awaiting my cleaning and all I can do is read blogs.

  2. ME TOO!!! Glad to know it's not just me that is wasting time today reading blogs. hehehe. Good luck with your cleaning! Maybe we should post our progress. Maybe then we'd be more apt to do it. Nah... probably not! ;oP

    Have a good weekend!