Monday, April 24, 2006


I know I've been AWOL. I guess I've not had anything to say. I've sat down several times to post but always drew a blank. Not a lot going on here, I guess.

I have lots to do and had big plans for today but here I sit at this dang blasted computer instead! I mean it, when DH gets home I'm turning this thing off for maybe a week! (hehehe don't hold me to it!)

This thing rules my life! It's worse than to TV for me. I just browse on here all the time. Looking at this and that. The funny thing is I spend a lot of time reading about keeping house and homemaking but then never get around to doing any of the things I read because I'm always on here reading about it!! CRAZY!! I know!

So, I'm getting off here for now and am going to go start some laundry and then get a bag and put everything on my kitchen counters in it and then sit down and go through it and throw out what I don't need and put the other stuff where it goes. I think that is a good start for now....

1. my family
2. a comfy bed
3. someone to mow my lawn even it takes him a while to get here!
4. this dang blasted computer!
5. plenty to eat

(my list for the week.)


  1. If reading about it only got it done, there would be so much accomplished.

  2. YES!!! See... that's how I think! hehehe I need to stop reading and just do it! I'm terrible that way.