Saturday, June 10, 2006

Keeping it safe here....

Okay, so I had issues with my blog here. I won't go into details so as not to hurt any feelings.

I love blogging and have enjoyed it a great deal over the last months so I hate to give it up. I do have another blog where I'll be posting more like I did here and those I want to know about it do, but I've decided for here that I'll just keep it safe.

Maybe I'll post favorite memories of mine or my favorite memories that others have shared with me. Maybe I'll be a little nostalgic and post about things long past, or maybe I'll post some sayings or quotes I find here and there that speak to me or that I just like.

No matter what I post they are just thoughts and words and they are mine and they are not written in stone. They CAN just be things that I'M THINKING about for the moment. So please, just take it that way and we can all be happy.

So check back soon and I'll get started on my safe blogging. Have a great weekend!


  1. you be YOURSELF, no matter what some might say. I don't know the issues that you have had but I know some people can be so hurtful. They were probably the bullies in their playground when they were younger. Let me know your new blog address xox

  2. I just found your sight, by your comment on mine and I find your sight quite interesting....I too love quotes.....I have many, many quote books....I use them when I make people cards for birthdays and please keep me in mind for visiting your new blog sight.....judy

  3. thanks ms*robyn, I agree about the bullies! I'll email you.


    I just started the quote thing but it's been fun. I enjoyed your blog too, I'll be visiting again! Thanks for stopping by here.