Friday, June 23, 2006

Reading.... it's a lovely pastime. It is one of my favorites. I get lost in books and sometimes the poor kids have a hard time bringing me back to real life! This week I've been catching up with my reading and... boy howdy, have I missed it!

I encourage you all to find a good book and get lost. Become best friends with the characters, find yourself on vacation, maybe to the English countryside, or a beautiful beach, or to the wilds of Africa. Go and enjoy.


  1. What are you reading? I am always looking for something good to read. I am reading Donna Tartt's A Secret History right now. It is a murder mystery with a unique story. My sister, the English teacher is having her AP Seniors read it for thier summer reading so I thought I would read it too.

  2. Well, let's see... I guess first I should warn you that I am romance novel junkie!! I'm a hopeless romantic through and through.

    So anyway, I finished a book by Lisa Kleypas, "Again, The Magic" early in the week and then today I finished, "An Ideal Bride" by Stephanie Laurens. It's part of the Cynster series. I'm now reading the next one called, "The Truth About Love".

    I warned you! I love romance!

    I know Kate doesn't comment here anymore but I know she is still reading. She will be glad to hear that I have read another one by one of her favorites, Brenda Joyce. DD got "The Masquerade" for Christmas. It was great! It's part of "The de Warenne Dynasty".

    So if you enjoy a good romance, um, I might should say, smutty romance, ask me. I can give you lots to read there!! {blushing}