Monday, June 26, 2006

Still reading.... can't put my book down.... great escapism for while DH is gone....don't have to face reality too a good book!!! Off to finish my book!


  1. I finished it at 1:30am. It was great and I was right about who the bad guys were. Now, I'm off to start my next one!

  2. 22,

    I know why you're reading that!!

    also you're not referring to "Great Expectations" by chance, are you? -- I read that and was bored out my ******* mind!!! even though I liked the plot and movie.

    (I probably would have swore if this were my blog)

    What I don't know, 22, is who are you replying to? How many wives does DH have in that household?

  3. I wasn't replying to anyone just updating all my cyber "fans" hehe. No, not "Great Expectations". I read that my freshman year in high school. It was okay.

    Thank you for not swearing. I appreciate that.

    Oh, yeah, and DH has one wife. ME!!! Although I've been accused of having multiple personalities...

  4. Got it -- won't even elude to any adjectives in the future

    and just in case, If I happen to ever offend you, don't be shy to let me hear about it, although I would never do so deliberately.

    Have a good Day!

  5. You have never offended me. I think you are funny. You have a good day.

  6. BTW... Keep in mind I am married to an Army man so, as it is well known many of "them" have bad potty mouths so I'm used to it. Not to say that I want you swearing on my blog but even I have on rare occasions ;oP been know to slip.