Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Well, I must have been serious in my last post.

I walked for 30 minutes around our hilly driveway. Then I came in and did a little with my resistance bands and I even went down to the basement and used DH's exercise thingy. Then I was disgusted by the mess down there and cleaned it up too! Vacuumed and everything!

The basement is where DS and well, everyone throws stuff (empty boxes and such). And I mean "throws" literally. DS stands at the top of the stairs and throws the boxes down.

Then we put up a little pool just outside the door and so the chairs are always right in the middle of the floor.

And DS also keeps his golf clubs right at the bottom of the stairs so that we have to walk around them.

And DH left his duffel bag that he brought back in the middle of the floor down there, well, not the middle but off to one side.

DD likes to play down there so there are toys everywhere!

So you can see the mess I came into when I went to use the exercise thingy. I threw the boxes away if I was able and then moved those I needed to keep, off to the side in a nice stack. Then I found a good spot for the golf clubs and put the duffel bag and chairs away. Then I vacuumed.

It is no longer embarrassing to have someone see it. Though I can't believe that I just told the whole world how messy my basement was!!

Now, if I can just keep up the exercising everyday. And I mean EVERYDAY!! If I skip a day, I have a terrible time getting back to it so I need to do it everyday. I know all about giving your muscles time to recoup and all, but I have to do something everyday. Maybe I can do different types everyday. We'll see...


  1. Ohh Mommy, really...the basement??

    How could you?

    What would the people from club think?

    *shuddering with embarassment*

  2. Yes, the basement. I have no club but they would be besides themselves if I did!! ;oP

    Well, not quite so much now since I worked so hard on it!