Monday, June 19, 2006

We've had some work done on our home and I absolutely love it.

I now have my porch that I have longed for, for such a long time. It's all I ever dreamed it to be.

Yesterday, as it rained and rained, DD and I set up our puzzle table on the deck and worked on a 550 piece puzzle. It was wonderful.

It got cool so DD brought out a sarong and used it as a shawl. It was sweet. She eventually went in and I stayed out reading and working on the puzzle until the wind started blowing the rain in on me. It was truly wonderful.

A few nights before, we sat out there, me reading, DS building with Legos and DD chasing fireflies. It seems so nostalgic to me. It seemed as we were a part of days past. You know the days I witnessed on "The Andy Griffith Show" and others like it. I absolutely loved it!

Thank you DH for helping to make a dream of mine come true. I love you.


  1. That's excellent! I'm happy for you.

    You can't beat a perfect moment.

  2. "You can't beat a perfect moment"

    So true!! Thanks!

    You don't have much longer over there do you? We have about 2 1/2 months or so. I'm sooooo ready!! Stay safe!

  3. Nope, not much longer...will blather something about it in a post format when I know a little more...

    take care mommy

  4. I'm glad it's almost over this time around for you. Stay safe.