Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nope, DH isn't home yet. But soldiers are coming home almost everyday now it seems. It's probably not that often but when it's not my soldier it seems like it. There are welcome home signs all over town. It's really wonderful (I'll think it's more wonderful when my soldier is home).

"Welcome home troops!"
"Welcome home heros!"
"Welcome home! Thank you for your service!"

and so on.

It shouldn't be too much longer for us now. We are getting excited but I'm afraid of getting too excited just case something changes. With the army things always change, so I just don't trust them.

The kids are doing great. DS just signed up for football. UGH!!! He's excited about it. His first practice it tomorrow.

DD got her notice about her new dance studio's open house in a couple of weeks and she is very excited.

We are really enjoying homeschooling this year. It's going well. I hope we are doing some great stuff. They are reading, reading, reading. They love it. You just don't often see DS without a book in his hands. DD is almost as bad. I'm so glad.

Well, I guess you are pretty much up to date for now. You probably know more than you ever wanted to know. I hope you all are doing well, dear cyber friends. I'd love to hear from you and see how you are as well!


  1. I remember that feeling when your soldier isn't home YET. :-P

  2. I know you do!! I remember too. The worst part are the people who keep asking if he is on their husband's flight. I want to say, "Hey! Don't rub it in!" But I know they are meaning to do that.