Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Getting in the way...

Well, I've been noticing that there are a few things in my life that keep getting in the way of Life.

1. the computer!
2. the tv!

These are the BIG two! I'm not kidding. I get on the computer to look at homeschool curriculum and before I know it I've been on for over an hour and the kids have been needing me. Or I get on looking for a recipe and end up spending so much time reading them that I never get around to cooking! I get on to get house keeping tips and never get around to keeping house! and so on and so on! It's really terrible so I'm going to be spending less time on here. I'll check my email and so forth but I'm not going to waste so much time on here. It's really ridiculous.

The TV?? well, that's easy, no I can't do that right now, wait till a commercial or when this show is over, or no we can't do that tonight because "Show" is on. It's sill really.

There are lots of other things that get in the way of living life and I'm going to start trying to let go of as many of them as I can. Well, not totally let go of course but make them less a part of my day. So that being said, I'll not be here as much. I know I haven't been here much any way but... You can always email me or just stop by every now and again. I'll still blog but probably only once a week or so.

I plan on spending a lot more time on REAL porch enjoying the day, my kids, my husband, my neighbors and so on. Have a wonderful day full of living dear cyber friends.

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