Thursday, November 06, 2008

BLAH... deployments are the pits.....

Well, I'm starting to set into my old ways from past deployments. I've picked up a smutty book (which I haven't done in over a year), I'm blogging again and becoming obsessed with it, I'm wanting to stay in bed later and later, taking longer showers and lots more baths, I find myself in my own little day dream world more and more often too.

I think as it gets cooler and the holidays near, I grow nostalgic which tends to make me a little sad... not sure sad is the right word but ...

This morning when my alarm went off, they were talking about Gen. Petraeus and what he said yesterday and I listened for a minute and then hit snooze and burst into tears with missing my DH. It only lasted a second but it's kind of left me with a depressed feeling. Oh, he'll call later and will most likely make me feel better but till then...

This is our 3rd deployment and is the longest, 15 months. I'm ready for him to come home to stay. Most of the time I'm doing okay, because it is the 3rd, we're kind of used to it but then other times because it is the 3rd, I'm more tired and more sad. I know that there are lots out there who have done more deployments and I feel for you. Our deployments have been 10 months, 12 months, and now this one... It's just too much.

Anyway, sorry, I didn't mean to get so down on here. What do you think of my picture? Isn't is pretty? It was taken at local state park. I love the sun shinning through the branches. You should see it now, with the leaves beautiful reds, oranges, purples and yellows. BEAUTIFUL!!

Well, I'm off to get myself out of this funk! Have a glorious day!

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