Wednesday, November 19, 2008


That's how I've been feeling. It's been an unbearably sad day for me. Just missing DH terribly. All around me soldiers are coming home or leaving and it's just more than I can stand right now. Don't get me wrong. I'm so glad for the families whose loved one is returning. I really am. I'm just wishing it was mine. Selfish I know, but I guess we all are sometimes.

DH will be home on leave soon and that's wonderful. I can't wait but I don't know if I can bear another Goodbye. They are so hard and get harder everytime, the thought of it just sends me into tears. I'll just not think of it of course until the time comes but it's always hanging over us.

I have friend whose DH is working a lot lately and she said to me one day (and I've heard her say it to others) that her DH might as well be deployed because she never sees him. I say, "WHAT AN INCREDIBLY STUPID AND INSENSITIVE THING TO SAY!" If she can ever reach over in the middle of the night and feel him near, it is nothing like deployment. If he has the opportunity to see the kids recitals, sporting events, plays, birthdays, etc (the choice to go whether he does or not) it is NOT like deployment. If she can even pick up a phone and dial a number and call to HIM, it is not like deployment. UGH! Can you believe it? But I guess it just goes to show that some civilians just really don't get what it's like. Oh well, what can you do.

Oh, and by the way, I didn't actually say that (above). I didn't say anything really, I just listened and kept my mouth shut. I was just saying it to YOU, just now.

I chatted with a friend today on Facebook and it helped lift the gloom a little. Thanks, Friend!!

Not a lot else going on... so now, I'm off to take the kids to their next event. Have a good evening!

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