Saturday, November 14, 2009


I can't believe how long it has been since I have really posted anything. Now, I'm in to facebook and I guess I have just neglected my blog.

So much has happened since my last post. My husband has returned home from his 15 month deployment to Afghanistan, we have moved to a new duty station, and I'm trying to start up a little photographic art business.

It has been great having DH home again. We've had more time together in the last 6 months then ever before. Of course he is not home right now but this is first trip since he got home. We went on a wonderful vacation during our move and had such a great time! We bought a camper and camped in St. Louis and then camped out here until we got a place to live. We have been having a good time exploring the area here.

The kids and I went to the local theater here last night and the play was really pretty good. We enjoyed it. The kids are looking forward to getting active there. They are both in their respective lessons here, guitar and ballet.

Me? Well, besides trying to get things settled here in our new home and homeschooling, I've been playing a lot with my camera and having a great time doing it. You should really come check out my new site. I've also made quite a few gift items as well, mugs, coasters, cards, buttons, keychains, puzzles and more. You can find them here.

Well, I guess we are all caught up now. I will definitely try to do better about posting here. Have a great weekend!

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