Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ok, I'm going to try not to sound mean and petty, but I if I do, I apologize now...

There is a youth at our church that is about to get on my LAST nerve.  She is pretty close to being a "mean girl".  She is not very nice to DD.  She tells my DD that what DD is wearing is the ugliest thing she has ever seen.  She makes fun of the way DD does her hair sometimes.  Today, in Sunday School, another youth discovered that DS and DD were siblings and told DD that he just really likes DS.  And this girl says, "Don't take offense, but I really don't like your brother.  I can't stand him."  Now, I really don't care if she likes my children or not and neither did DD but to say such a thing in SUNDAY SCHOOL in front of a bunch of kids... well, I don't think it was right or nice.

This youth is just like this way too often and I just don't know what to do about it.  Of course, I tell DD to ignore it, to realize that it is probably just because she is jealous but it just seems so very unfair to DD.  I know, life is unfair...

The sad thing is that DH and I were discussing it and he said, "I thought by homeschooling we would miss this kind of thing.  That DD wouldn't have to go through this... at least not until college.  I never dreamed that she would experience this IN CHURCH!"

Well, I did.  She has been experiencing it since 2nd grade at church (at a different church and now this one).  I guess it's just life... but you know it really makes me wonder about this girl's parents.  Do they know how she is?  Do they have a clue that she is mean to others?  That she tries to make other girls in our church feel less than they are?  No, it's not just my daughter.  I know she does this to at least one other girl, possibly two and thankfully they are friends and so are there for each other.

I just feel so sad that this is something people experience at church, a place where we are all supposed to be accepted and loved.  A place where we should all feel safe.  As I've been typing here, the words from the song "We Are The Body" just keep playing in my mind here.  I know this girl knows this song and it's meaning as they have been singing it in our youth choir and yet... I wonder if she realizes she isn't living it... or that she is one the girls at the beginning...  I bet she would be devastated to know that...  Here is our Youth Choir Singing it. 

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