Monday, September 02, 2013


Today, I'm feeling sad because a friend has decided she no longer wants to be my friend.  It makes me sad.  I will respect her wishes but it truly makes me sad.  She has unfriended me on Facebook and won't speak to me anymore at church.  It happened several weeks ago but for some reason, it's really on my mind today.



  1. I had this happen and it actually felt like a "break up"... We were very close then she just ended it... It left all of our mutual friends forced to choose. It was horrible and as close to a "divorce" feeling as I ever want to get. Sorry this happened to you! PS. I have a box here I keep meaning to send you! I put it in the van, drive around with it for a few days then unload it and stare at it on the side table in the kitchen until I load it again... Sorry!! I hope you love your M&M stuff!

  2. I do love my M&M stuff. Thank you!