Sunday, July 31, 2005

I want to live in Mitford!!!

Has anyone else read the "Mitford" series? I'm rereading them now. I love them. I want to live in Mitford in such a bad way. I just don't know if a town like this really exists or not. Anyone know of any? Let me know!!!

I was thinking last night about how sometimes I feel like I'm from another era that's long gone. It's even an era that was before I was born! I seem to get so nostalgic.

Example: DD's dance class. When I signed her up last year, I was expecting her teacher to dress in the dance attaire. You know, leotard, tights, little skirt and ballet slippers and tap shoes. Instead they wore sweats and a t-shirt and go barefoot! I was very disappointed. Why do they expect one thing from the students (they do dress appropiately) and yet show them something else! I won't even tell you about the dance recital. UGH!

Another example: The things they learn in school. What happened to learning (or at least reinforcing) manners, what about letter writting and not just form but also what to say and how to say it. And for that matter what about handwriting? I can remember even learning how to answer the phone. I get very frustrated!

I remember church functions different too but then I was the preacher's kid so I can't really compare that.

I miss seeing my kids playing in the neighborhood like my siblings and I did. My poor kids have no friends in the neighborhood. It's sad really. We don't hardly ever see anyone outside anymore and when we do there is barely a hello exchanged.

I want to find different ways to get out and do stuff and be with people with the kids. I've been thinking of taking the kids to visit in nursing homes but I'm not sure how to go about it. I'm pretty shy too so I don't even know if I can do that but maybe if I call first and set something up it would help. I'm also thinking of trying to get some of the wives and families together while DH's are deployed.

I just realized last night that we have moved so very much lately that we really haven't made many really good friends so we don't seem to socialize much. I can see the effects of that on my children.

I haven't read the book yet (but I need to! I'm putting it on my list!) but I can see the title at least being true, "It Takes A Village" by Hillary Clinton. We all need people. I think that's why I like the town of Mitford so much. It's such a community!

Oh, I'm just rambling. I do that a lot so you'll have to excuse me. Well, whacha think? Huh?

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