Friday, August 19, 2005


I tell you what. Life can turn complicated so fast. Things can be going so easy and simply, so innocent and then WHAM! BANG! BOOM! Complicated.

Sometimes I just want to take my family and run away from all the ugliness of the world. I know that it wouldn't work but it sounds good!.

I guess that's where my desire to live in smalltown USA comes in. I want to live somewhere like, Mayberry or Mitford. I miss the "simpler" times. Though I've heard that things are that much different. They are to me. I think I must have always lived in my own little world. It's getting harder and harder to do that now.

The things that are on TV now. Cartoons! It is unreal. Sometimes I think about just turning off the satellite and just watch old movies. You get some of the old shows on DVD and watch those. But I don't think I could do without my West Wing. That's the main reason I haven't done it yet. Well, that, and the fact my DH would kill me!!!

Oh well, I've got to get going.


  1. You know I love the idea of Mayberry but small towns can be really vicious. And those "simpler" times weren't that simple. Polio, racial discrimination, the Vietnam War, little chance to better yourself, no A/C. They didn't discuss that on The Andy Griffith Show.

    An annoying dose of reality or why we don't need time machines.
    Miss Mary Sunshine ;)

  2. Okay, Miss Mary Sunshine!! Burst my bubble why don't you!! ;) Okay, so maybe it was just the idea of it that appeals to me. Thanks for the wake up call! I need one every now and then... okay, Every day!! No AC!! NO WAY!!!!