Monday, August 22, 2005

Oh, the beloved school fundraiser

How I hate them!!! And I don't know about we have too many of them and with my kids at different schools I feel like we have them twice as much! What happened to the candy? My son brought home a fundraiser Friday and it's magazines and then some other stuff but the other stuff is soooo expensive! At least what I like is. And I thought I'd just renew the kids magazine subscriptions but they didn't have any my kids magazines!! UGH!

I know it's for a good cause but... They usually have the regular school fundraisers and then they have the jump rope for heart, and all those too and I seem like I'm always asking my family for money.

I have got to go get busy. Just thought I'd vent a little about the beloved school fundraiser. Oh yeah, and ds is now in the youth group at church so now I'll have even more!!!!

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