Thursday, August 25, 2005

OH! MY GOODNESS! You won't believe this!

Well, as you remember from yesterday, my DS has strep and was given medication. Well, I noticed that it wasn't the name that the dr had told me but I thought it was a generic or something. Then last night DS looked worse and just was worse. His eyes looked terrible! So I started reading the precautions sheet that came with it (which they almost didn't give me I had to ask for it) and noticed it said it was for seizures, glaucoma, and altitude sickness. Strange. I went to bed but woke up first thing worrying so I called the dr and of course had to leave a message for him and they told me he'd call sometime during the day but they didn't know when. Anyway, he called back right away and apologized saying there was a mistake and not to give ds anymore and to go back to the pharmacy and get the right meds. Poor DS. He was so miserable. I know I said that yesterday but he was even worse this morning! Yes, I told the dr that!

You know what if they hadn't given me the precautions sheet? I wouldn't have known. It was a diuretic and I had given him 3 of them last night. Poor thing. I just wonder what would have happened to him if I hadn't known. Oh well, 'what ifs' can go on forever. I'm just glad I found out and stopped it. I wish I had noticed before and fixed it right away but...


  1. That's just scary. I hope he's feeling better.

  2. thanks. He's not yet but soon I hope! It scared me to death! DH and DS are screaming SUE!!! HA!