Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Well, I did get DS an appointment and he has strep. Poor thing. He's been just miserable. You won't believe though what the Dr. said. He put on the Dr. note that he could go back to school tomorrow "if well". What kind of note is that!!! He said that it's up to me and just go off how he feels in the morning. Strange....

Been busy today. Moved up my Bible study to we could make it to the Dr. Then we sat there for an hour to get the strep test back and then waited about an hour on meds. Then went to ds's school to get his work and then picked up DD. It's definitely a hot dog night tonight. We have church (they serve dinner but I didn't sign up for it) tonight. DS won't be going and neither will DH. Just me and DD. I'm leading the K-2nd grade. Should be interesting!

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