Thursday, August 04, 2005

Strange Happenings!!!

Well, I tell you what! What a strange day. I was working and then sitting on here and then working and sitting and so on trying to get stuff done today when I remembered I need to run an errand. When I got up to go get ready I realized that I had a knot on my neck. I went off and brushed my hair and what not and the knot was getting worse. It didn't hurt, just felt uncomfortable. I asked DS to look at it and he said it was big but you could just barely see it.

So off we went to do our errand at the mall. I decided to treat us to lunch but as we sat there I started hurting and then when I tried to eat or drink it was excruciating! We packed up our lunch and got in the car. I looked in the mirror and the swelling was in my face and my neck was huge and the knot was protruding.

I called DH and he met us at the emergency room. Of course we had to wait 2 1/2 hours to see a doctor and by that time the swelling had gone down a lot. Not completely but it wasn't protruding any more. It was the strangest thing. The doctor didn't know what caused and just gave meds. I sure wish we knew what caused it but....

Strange happenings....

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