Thursday, August 04, 2005


Have you ever had a dream about someone and then woke up incredibly angry with them? UGH! I dreamed about DH last night but don't remember many details but I woke up with my arms crossed across my chest just mad as all get out! Silly really but oh, was I mad.

Well, I still didn't get my house cleaned yesterday. I did do some dishes and started some laundry but that is basically it. I took DS to the Dr. He has a sinus infection. Poor kid. He's already feeling better though. The appt. took most of the afternoon. It was at 1:45 and we headed home around 3. We were able to meet DH at Sonic for a soda and then we took Chief to get his nails clipped.

So, once again I have high hopes for my day. If only I could stay off this silly computer! ;<)

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