Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A wasted day!

Well, I've managed to waste a day today. Well, okay, not entirely but close! I got up and made DH coffee (but I almost slept thru that!). Told him bye and then visited with DS until DD joined us and then we got up you know did the morning stuff, brushed teeth, hair and that kind of thing. Then DS turned on "Free Willy". It'd been on for a while so we just finished it while I checked my e-mail and sent a few replies and checked my website.

Then DD and I went and bought school supplies. DS wasn't feeling well so he stayed home with Chief (our dog) for the 30 or so minutes we were gone. It kills me how much it costs to go to public school these days!

Anyway, home we came and then we just did basically nothing! I played Candyland with DD a couple of times. We did finally get around to watching the old "Cheaper By The Dozen" and at least DS enjoyed it with me. DD was too busy playing. Oh yeah, and somewhere in there we ate lunch.

Then we went to return our movies and pick up some more. Now we are back and here I am wasting more time. I did fold two loads of laundry that had been waiting on me for a few days. (I can't believe that I just admitted that right here for the world to see, not that anyone is reading this anyway, so I guess it's okay.)

Well, I guess I better go get busy returning peace to my home. ( That's cleaning for those who didn't know.)

Bye for now!

"Don't worry be HAPPY!!" ;)


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  2. Yes, I love that movie. The new one was NOT a remake it was totally different! We tried to ren the sequel, "Belles on their Toes" but couldn't find it. I like that one too!

    Yeah, I came back and reread my post and thought "Wow, I did do a little something." But just for the record the laudry had been sitting in a basket and in the dryer all weekend! Thanks for the encouragement though!