Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Am I the only one???

Okay, I have to know. Am I really the only one who tries to make coffee for my DH in the mornings and his lunch when he wants one? I've been told by other wives (several now) to stop it! The husbands all want me to rub off on their wives and well, it's almost like they are making fun of me! I just don't get it!

Oh well, just wondering. DS is still feeling sick today with a sore throat so I made him a Dr. Appt. for this afternoon. I also need to get busy bringing the peace back home. No I didn't get around to it yesterday. We had a new family arrive and so the kids and I met them for ice cream at the DQ. Then DH called and said he'd come over and we could eat dinner there too so he could meet them too.

Well, I guess I should get busy. I need to fix breakfast for the kids and get them ready for the day. It'll be time to leave for the Dr's before I know it.

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