Saturday, August 27, 2005


I love to write; letters, thoughts, ideas. Just whatever comes to mind. I have some pretty strange ideas sometimes too. I'm honestly not sure that there are many, if any, who share my thoughts. At least I don't know of them if there are.

I guess that's why I started my blog, website, and yahoo group. I think I was/am hoping to find others who might possibly think a little like me. There's one commenter out that shares similar views to me. I wonder if there are others.

Sometimes I feel very isolated. Even in groups! I listen to others talk and am constantly reminded that.... hmm.... I'm weird? no, different. And I'm talking about at places where you'd think I'm share similar ideas and interests.

Oh well, I guess it really doesn't matter. I have no intentions of changing these thoughts, especially since the ones I'm talking about are good but I will try to change those that are negative. Anyway, this is really kind of pointless. I guess the point originally was that I wonder if there are others out there that think similar to me. I must have gotten off the point a bit....

Any comments???

WAIT! I just looked at the title and I think I really got off the subject here. I was talking about how I enjoy writing. Well... I do. I only wish I was better at it. :op

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