Sunday, September 11, 2005


Well, we have made it pretty well this first weekend. Yesterday, DS and his friend played until after noon when the boy's father came to get him. DD colored and did puzzles. She loves puzzles. Anyway, I tried to work on lesson plans but figure I'll start out just doing a day or two at a time until I figure out our speed.

I guess church today was kind of hard for the kids. DS practically sat on top me and DD did sit on me. It's fine though, I don't mind and if it helps them feel better, so be it. I'm afraid that DD is coming down with the strep throat now. I knew it was only a matter of time but I was hoping... She has the terrible headache and a barking cough. She is just sitting around holding her head. Poor thing. I gave her some Motrin and will make a DR's appointment in the morning if I can. I hate that they always seem to get their sickest when DH is away.

Speaking of DH...he has made it to his first stop. We've heard from him once so far. Every time the phone rings I make a mad dash to it silently praying it's him. Okay sometimes not so silently... Actually, I'm surprised how good we've been doing this weekend. I'm proud really. I'm such a crier and I'm not saying that I've not cried but it seems to be more under control. I miss him terribly.

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