Friday, September 09, 2005

Girls Night

Well, DS is having a friend spend the night tonight so DD and I are having a girls night. We are getting in our PJs eating pizza and popcorn and soda in my bed while watching the "Princess Diaries" movies. FUN!!! She is so excited. Me too actually. If only the boys would settle down. Not likely though. So anyway, the pizza's are cooking and I had a minute to post and thought I would. Hope you all have a great weekend.

9:50 pm Girls night update:
Well, DD almost made it through the first movie, but not quite. She was so tired. She had a great time though. Me too. Now, Mommy is off to bed too. I'm going to tell the boys goodnight, get the dog and then it's off to dreamland. Good night to all you in cyberspace. Sweet dreams....


  1. You're watching The Princess Diaries! Shut Up! I love that movie.