Thursday, September 29, 2005

A crisp Fall day...

I love it! I love the cooler weather we are having. I'm a person who enjoys all four seasons of the year. I wouldn't mind summer being a little shorter but I still love it.

Today DS is sick. I think it's some left over sadness from his dad missing his birthday. He's doing a little better this evening. DD is getting ready for dance. She painted her fingernails earlier. She thought she better use clear so no one would know if she messed up! hehe

You won't believe what I did this evening! Yes, I cleaned!! My kitchen is almost sparkling! I did have some help. DD loves to clean!! I wonder if I ever did? So she did some dishes and shined the sink. She also helped wipe down a counter. DS cleaned off the table but he's terrible about just moving what's there to another counter or table instead of putting it up. But help it was. I still have one counter in the corner that is stacked and stuffed (I'm a stacker and stuffer) that I need to get to eventually but otherwise it's lovely. I feel good about it!

The book~
We'll I've met two more characters. I think it's going to be another goodie. I'm excited and can't wait for time to read. I've been busy with a birthday and now a sick child and lunch with DD so maybe I'll have more time later.

Anyone reading??? What you got going on? Share!!

Well, I've got to get DD ready so talk to you later, my cyber friends. Have a great evening!

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