Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Gorgeous Day!

What a beautiful day it is today. I got home from taking DD to school and went to take the dog out and was only there for a second when I came back in and told DS to put on some shorts (he had on jeans) and some shoes. "We're going for a walk!" Consider it P.E., or just some quality time between mom and son. Whatever, it was really nice. We both really enjoyed it.

DS is doing math now so I have a minute to visit with all my friends out here on my cyber porch.

Well, I am really enjoying the book I told you about yesterday. I just can't seem to put it down. I love to read. The characters in the books become my best friends. I hate finishing my books because I have to tell them bye. I love a good LONG series for that very reason. I don't have to say bye just yet.

Anyway, I'm at a sad point. I was standing in the kitchen reading while breakfast was cooking and I almost started crying. Is anyone else reading this book? I'd love to have someone to talk to about it. It's really good. I'll give you a brief synopsis.

It's about a young woman (of 30) who has had two battles with cancer and has won. She is in remission and worries everyday that it may come back but is trying to get on with her life. So, she opens a yarn store called "A Good Yarn". She starts a knitting class and she has 3 students.

One is an 50ish year old socialite who is still living with her husband but is estranged from him. Her son recently married and this woman hates his new wife and then she finds out that the wife is pregnant and she is livid. This, as you can imagine, puts a terrible strain on their relationship.

Then there is another young woman of about 37 or so I think, that is trying to get pregnant. She and her husband have tried everything and they have one last chance at in vitro. She has quit her job to try to relax and prepare her body for the baby.

Then there is a young girl (early 20's maybe) who has had a very hard life. Her roommate hid some drugs in her purse and she was caught with them and now has some community service hours to work off. So she joins the class hoping to do just that by donating her blanket to the Linus Project.

Anyway, it's really good. You should rush out today and get it! hehehe :oP That way we could talk about it!

Have a Splendiferous day!

PS. The picture is of my beautiful niece who is absolutely adorable. I don't get to see enough of her so now when I open this page I can see her.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you hear from DH often-I'm always getting the riot act from my folks, who can't ever get enough email and phone calls!

  2. Yes CS, I hate to go all Mom on you but e-mail your folks every chance you get. The beauty of e-mail is that you don't have to write a novel. Just "I'm fine. Love you." says it all.