Thursday, September 01, 2005

School woes....

Oh, my. What a day I had yesterday. Well, you'll remember that my son was sick and we took him back to the Doc on Monday and they said there's not really anything wrong with him. Well, they were off on Tuesday due to the weather. That means my son missed 4 and half days of school not counting Tuesday. He acted fine on Tuesday. He complained once about a headache but that was it. At bedtime he started feeling bad. You know a stomach ache. I talked with him and he went to sleep.

Then Wednesday morning. It was terrible. He complained so much and just moped around. When we got close to his school he burst into tears and didn't want to go to school and couldn't tell me why. Just that his stomach hurt. I finally got him calmed down. I had pulled over so we started back to school. Pulled into the parking lot he again started crying. Poor thing. He asked me to go in with him. That was really strange. I haven't walked him in since the 2nd grade. He wouldn't let me! and here he was asking me to. We went and asked to talk with a guidance counselor and that was awful. They kept us in the office and just told him he needed to get over it. I was hoping they would talk with us and help us figure out the problem but that's NOT what happened. He ended up hysterical! It was awful. It was all I could do not to cry with him. Well, I made him stay. I figured if he's going to go to public school then he HAS to go. But I feel like there is something not right. I don't know if it is his school or something else but there is something wrong.

I just don't know what to do. You know if you've been reading here or if you know me that I've always thought of homeschooling so.... I just don't know. I just love my kids so much and want the best for them.


  1. Get over it? Get over what? They have no idea. What are these people being paid for?

  2. I agree!! I honestly thought that I was asking for help and they would actually help us but...