Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Christmas anyone?

Okay, I know it's not even September but have you started thinking about it yet? I love Christmas! I love the movies, the weather, the tree, the cooking, the gift giving all of it!! I miss the caroling. We used to go caroling as a youth group (from church). We'd go to shut in's homes, the preacher's (my dad) house, and just anyone. It was always so much fun. I loved it. My dd wants to go but I'd feel silly with just our little family going and we don't know many to invite to go with us. But anyway, miss it.

Anyway, I always say I want to get started early so it's not such a financial burden (isn't that sad!) but I seldom get it done. Then I end up being super cheap and feeling terrible that I couldn't do more. Of course I always go overboard with the kids.

I put a link in the title to site with ideas. I've also found several neat ideas in a catalog I get called the Lakeside Collection. I've found several for DD and my nieces and nephew. DS will be a bit harder but I'm working it. Of course I've not ordered anything yet. :0p

Well, I was just thinking about it and wondered if anyone else is. I've got to go watch DD ride her bike. She just took the training wheels off over the weekend and is doing good. Please post any ideas you'd like to share!!

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