Monday, September 12, 2005


Well DD is feeling better. They said she was fine... maybe a touch of croup. She already looks a lot better. Yea!!

Homeschooling went well considering we had to go the Dr's. Still trying to figure the whole thing out. It just takes time...

Found a way for DS to talk to us. He LOVES IMing. He talks so much more freely on there. So this evening I sat downstairs on one computer while he sat upstairs on the other and IMed for about 20 minutes. Whatever works right? Funny what it takes to get to your kids.

I remember sliding notes under my parents' door to tell them stuff I couldn't actually say. I guess it's the same thing. He even got to IM his dad for a few minutes.

Anyway, that's my update. Sweet dreams to those in cyberspace. Goodnight.


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  2. Well, i don't know how serious it was but there were a few little things he said that I could pick on how he was feeling, which is so good. He tends to keep it to himself.