Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Good Morning to all of you in Cyberspace

Well, it's a beautiful morning here where I am. I hope you are all enjoying your day. I can't believe how up I feel! I'm usually so down after DH is gone. I'll probably come down eventually but until then... I'm just going to enjoy feeling good.

DS is taking a little break from his work. I have him down punching his punching bag. I figure it's a good energy releaser, and helps get rid of pent up anger too. He's doing pretty well today. DD made it off to school. Of course she has decided now that I've already turned in the paperwork that she too wants to homeschool. UGH! I'm bribing her to stay in school until I get things figured out and get into a routine. I hope it works...

Anyway, I'm off to teach and love and clean (yuck). Have a glorious day!

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