Sunday, October 16, 2005

Good Sunday Morning!

It's is beautiful here. Nice and crisp. It should warm up nicely but not too warm.

It's been busy around here. It's always something. But I don't mind. We are doing well.

I've been doing something I shouldn't. I've been looking over the internet for ways to make money. I know... stupid. I just can't and honestly don't want to go get a job right now. DH is gone and DS is homeschooling and it just doesn't seem feasible so... here I am. When DH is home is always offers to get a second job but that's just silly. He works late so often so really the only time we see him for any length of time is on the weekends. So in my opinion that's out of the question. So... how to make some money otherwise... probably not going to happen.

So, what's going on with my cyber friends? Did you go to church? We did and the minister said that statistics show that people that attend worship are happier and healthier. He says it is being proven scientifically. So.... go to church, you'll live longer. ;o)

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