Friday, October 14, 2005

Happy Friday!

Yea! I still love Friday's. As a kid I always loved Friday afternoon because I knew I didn't have to go back to school for 2 days! Never cared much for school. Hmmm Wonder if that's where my kids get it? hehe

Don't you just hate money! It doesn't matter how much you have it's never enough. It drives me crazy. I think I'm doing good with our money and then outta nowhere, it's gone! It's some one is just syphoning (I can't spell sorry.) it out of our account. I know it me but I never feel like I spend much. I know, I should keep a money journal but I don't want to!! It'd tell me I eat out too often and I spoil my kids. I know both of those but can't seem to control it. I control it for a day or two and whammy. What happened!!! Drives me nuts. And here I've got Christmas coming and ugh!! I'm refusing to use my credit cards. (today anyway) I'm so afraid though that when the time comes... I'm going to try my darnedest though.

Anyway, have a way have a great weekend!

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