Monday, October 10, 2005


Good Afternoon! How are my cyber friends today? I'm having a fine day. It's cloudy and cool. It's a great autumn day. I love it. I guess I've been saying that on here a lot lately. Sorry. I guess it just goes to show how very much I'm enjoying the weather here. :o)

So, anyone have any great secrets for getting people who don't like veggies to like them? I'm not a big fan of them and neither are my kids. I'm trying to learn to eat them more. I love stir-fry but I can't eat that every day! I hate mixed veggies. You know the canned or frozen ones with peas and carrots. Yuck! I know that if I could find some good recipes it would help. Have you ever been to Recipe Zaar I think that is how you spell it. They have loads of recipes. My problem is I sit and look at them forever and then waste all my cooking time and end up with the same ol same ol!

Oh, Oh, Oh! Did you see the Today Show this morning? They had the Goo Goo Dolls on it. They sang their new song "Better Days". (I guess it may not be new.) It's awesome! I loved it. The Lyrics are awesome. It brought tears to my eyes but then again everything brings tears to my eyes. I'll post the lyrics here. Check them out.

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