Saturday, November 05, 2005

Good morning, cyber friends!

Well, it's another beautiful day in my world! Come sit on my porch and we'll chat a spell. I've got the tea kettle on and I'm ready to start my day.

I read recently that hot water and lemon are really good for you and it helps in weight loss too so, that's what I'm having. What would you like? I've got some peppermint tea, and berry tea to name a few. Oh and green tea too. I've also got some hot chocolate. Come on, sit a spell!

Well, DH called bright and early this morning. It wasn't a long call but what better way to wake up than to hear, "Good Morning" in that sweet way only the one I love can say. I was going to sleep in and tried to go back to sleep but decided to just get up and start my day. I figured it'd be peaceful right now since the kiddos are still sleeping. ~~OH! The kettle is whistling, be right back!

There, now it has too cool a bit for me, it's way too hot! Anyhoo... the kids and I went to dinner with a friend last night and then went back to her house and watched "Because of Winn Dixie". It is such a cute movie!! A real heart warmer. I'd love to have it in my video library. We had a terrific time visiting with our friend too. She is great and we really enjoy her company.

Today the kids and I are cleaning house again. We've really let it go the past few days. If we work together it shouldn't take too long. I have laundry to do too. Then I think we are going to go do some Christmas Shopping for DH. I won't mail it for a while (I'm afraid he'll open them early) but I want to get it done. I always send him a Christmas Tree decorated for him to put in his room when he is away so we will look for that too. It will be fun and sad all at once.

I just love the holidays, don't you? I love the weather change, the cooking, the shopping, the decorating, the movies, the music. Yes, I love it all. We always try to invite friends over for the holiday meals. It's fun to share with other people. When DH is home he invites the single soldiers over. They very seldom come though. He invites families too that he knows aren't going anywhere.

When DH is gone I try to invite the other wives I know and their families over. I love to cook the meal and I cook a huge one whether anyone extra shows up or not so I figure I might as well invite some friends to help eat it. Plus, it helps me feel better to have people over. I feel a little less lonely for a few minutes anyway. Some wives go to see family over the holidays when DH is gone but I just can't seem to leave when he's gone so, it just makes sense to invite those that do like me over. (Okay, I realize I'm starting to ramble about this.)

Well, I guess that's about all the ramblings I have this wonderful morning so I better move on. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend! ;o)


  1. It's ok if you ramble! I laughed when you stopped writing to take the water off and offered tea to everyone. I was reading the part where you "always" send a Christmas tree when DH is gone (holy cow-how many times is he gone over Christmas?? We are sure busy in the military). And I honestly think you must be one of the nicest people in the whole world.

  2. Thanks!! How sweet of you.

    I have to tell you that I honestly thought no one cared anymore. I didn't know what the moderated comments were and that they wouldn't show up! I couldn't figure out where everyone was! heeheeheee. That's what I get for trying to be techy. HA

    Okay, now I'm blushing... DH has only been gone on Christmas day 3 times, not really too bad for 13 years but there have been several times he just barely made it back for Christmas by a day or two. So I guess I shouldn't have put "always". I hate for him to miss it though and so I try to send a little of it to him.