Friday, December 09, 2005

Another day...

Well, another day down and whole bunch more to go. How is everyone today? I've had a pretty good day. I finally got DH's family's Christmas sent. I had sent stuff to his sister but then lost my um.... stamina, want to, desire... just kind of didn't feel like doing any of that kind of stuff. I STILL have to do my Christmas cards! But now I have their stuff done, I'm hoping that I can finish the cards. I'm glad that I finally made myself do it.

Then, I took care of the dishes. YUCK! Have I mentioned how I HATE housework? hehehe I know I have... And I even washed my sheets today!! But I still need to put them back on the bed...

We homeschooled. DS took a test in math and did pretty well. He's just careless. He can always tell you what he did wrong. If only I could get him to check his work... He did his language arts and wrote a short summary of Nathaniel Bowditch. That he did pretty well. We are reading "Carry On, Mr. Bowditch". It's pretty good but a little too easy for him but it goes well with his language arts. He's reading another book on his own. I never would have thought he'd want to but he picked a book of mine, "Love Comes Softly" to read at night. He still hasn't got the new Harry Potter book. Anyway, he's half way through and is enjoying it. Who'd have guessed??

Well, DH seemed kind of down today on the phone. You'd never have thought it though by the e-mails I've received today. He usually only gets around to e-mailing once a week or so but today he's sent me pictures 3 times!! He is so cute. I'll post one of the pictures here later. I have to crop some other people out first. (They might not want to be on the internet...) Anyway, he said he's just tired but it sounded more like down. He should be getting a few hours off tomorrow so maybe he'll get some rest.

Well, I better go fix the kiddos some supper. Tonight is my "Ladies Night Out" at church so I better get with it! Have a great evening!!

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