Thursday, December 08, 2005

Boring??? No, not really...

Okay, in my previous post I said that I was boring and I'm wrong. My life is not boring, just my blog. ;0P

My life is probably just as it should be. It's filled with love, laughter, and joy. Mixed with kids, homeschooling and DH's deployments and TDY's. I always have some drama I just don't write about it because sometimes it involves other people who just might be reading here and I would hate to offend anyone.

I guess my blog is just a place to write my thoughts, hence, the name, Musings by Mommy. I guess then that you could say that it's just what it is supposed to be. BUT! I will try to be more interesting, or silly, or something. That said...

The schools here are closed! They called at 5am! to notify us. I'm not complaining really because I like that they notify us like that and I don't have to wait for it scroll by on the TV screen and miss it because I just couldn't wait any longer to go to the bathroom! You know that happens to you too. Go on, admit it!

So anyway, I thought yea! I can turn off the alarm and just sleep until I wake up and then exercise . Yeah, right, whatever! I couldn't go back to sleep. So I reached over and opened my laptop (yes, it was in bed with me, I'm ashamed to say. That way I can watch DH's video thing right before I go sleep. I'm truly pitiful!) and checked my e-mail. Nothing. Hmmm. The dog was very upset that I turned on the computer and kept laying on the key board. So I put it aside and thought I'll just lay here for a minute and then go ahead and get up and exercise. Well, again, yeah, right, whatever! Next thing I knew it was almost 8AM!!

Now, the dog is dying for me to get up and take him outside! So I did and then I called my mother and visited a while. Then I found the kids hiding behind the sofa with a toy gun (this was DD!) and a spy thingy. I asked if they were spying on me and they said they were playing "Alias"!! I didn't even know that they knew about "Alias"! Too funny. (and maybe a little scary.)

So I exercised while they played. I love discovering that God really didn't forget to give me certain muscles. I've been finding muscles that, well, honestly I haven't used in a very long time if ever!! Too cool. I can't wait for DH to discover them too! I hope I can keep this up until he comes home and then continue after he gets here too.

And so here I am. I need to fold laundry, clean the kitchen, finish my Christmas cards, take a shower and yada, yada, yada... I'm sure I'll be here a lot today. My computer addiction seems to be running rampant again! I'll not lie and say that I'm going to go get busy but am going to post this now and I'll probably be back soon!!! :0P


  1. Your life sounds pretty good to me. I think the homeschooling attracted to me to your blog at first, and I find it endearing. There's so much that is negative and terrible in the world, and yet, I never find any of that on your blog. Which is nice, and why I keep coming back!

    You probably don't know, but every day I hear from my friends about terrible divorces, or marriages, or kids stuck in the middle of awful experiences and that never see one parent-I don't have kids, but yours are lucky to have all that they do!

  2. Well, thank you. I do tend to lead a very sheltered life. I always have. First my parents and siblings sheltered me and then my husband just continued where they left off.

    I've been called a "Pollyanna" on more than one occasion and I do try not to dwell on the negatives although there are days....

    I know there's a lot of divorce and other bad things happening out there with kids and I really don't want that for my family. I try to protect them as much as I can without sheltering them too much. (funny huh) I'm very fortunate to have my family, they are wonderful. Someday you'll have it too if it's what you want.

    Okay, I started turning sappy again. Sorry!!

  3. Well, you'll get a lot of it here!!

    Especially lately!! Maybe I should have named this "Sappings by Mommy" instead. I guess it's not that bad somedays it seems like it!

  4. S: The only thing that is ever negative on your blog is me. :-)

    CS:Don't let her fool you, she is all that she says but you've never heard her talk about politics.

  5. HA!! Kate are you giving away my secrets? hehehe

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  7. Cool beans!!! Can't wait!! E-mail me!

    Don't worry about the complaining. I hate that kind of thing too! Men! What are they thinking?? Tell him Hi for me!!