Friday, December 23, 2005

Can you believe it! It's the day before Christmas Eve. DD thinks her Christmas vacation is going by too fast! It does seem to be speeding by us. We went into the Dollar Tree today and they had up Valentine's stuff. I told them Christmas must be over!

I think the stores swing from one holiday to the next a little too fast - at least for me. I like to linger over them and actually take time to enjoy them. The stores just rush us through them all. I don't really like that.

Anyway, I got a little off onto a side road there. We baked some Christmas cookies last night and now we need to put the icing on them. (I hate icing so this helps to keep me from eating them!) Then I think we are basically ready for the big day!

We are going to our Christmas Eve service at church. We weren't at this church last year so I'm not sure what they do here. I love to have communion on Christmas Eve. My dad is retired minister and he always had family communion on Christmas Eve (he called it come and go communion). It was a special Communion with each individual family to come down alone and take Communion together and have special prayer. I loved it. Only one church we've been apart of since we've been away from home has done this and I really miss it. I hoping for at least a candlelight service.

Then Christmas day we will again go to worship since it falls on a Sunday. It seems funny to me that around here a lot churches have cancelled services because of this. Seems like this is a little backwards but... At least my church hasn't. I'm glad because maybe it will help my children to remember what Christmas really is. I read recently that the word Christmas comes from Christ Mass or worship Christ (something like that). It was interesting.

Anyway, didn't mean to give you a sermon. I hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas! I'm sure I'll be on here again but in case you aren't.... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!