Thursday, December 22, 2005

Today, we have a VTC with DH. My only worry is whether or not I know how to get into the building where it is. I've been in the parking lot but that's it. So ... things like this make me sick with worry.

Have I ever mentioned what a total worrier I am? I'm also very nervous about things that are new to me. YUCK!

So anyway, I'm off now to try to beautify myself and help the kids get ready. Last time he was gone and we did this, I tried so hard to look nice, you know, the perfect outfit and makeup and when I got there the other wives that were there were the complete opposite from me. I was a little self-conscious and felt silly at first. But when they called our name it was all forgotten.

I'm off... I'm so nervous!


Well, we are back from the VTC. DH looked good. VTC's are a strange thing. They are very awkward. Someone has to be in the room with you, so you talking in front someone, and there is a delay and (here's the worst part) you have to look at yourself on a TV screen!!

I had the kids make a list of things to talk to their dad about but that lasted maybe 2 minutes and we had 15 minutes to talk. Too funny. Suddenly, I never have anything to say. Which is completely crazy because I always have something to say! I'm just happy to sit and look at him and listen to him talk with the kids. It's hard, I just felt so "on the spot" and then when we are done I feel terrible for not talking more!

Anyway, it went well. No tears even! That's amazing! We are all such criers. Anyway, that's my update....